The Tolkien Challenge!

February 27, 2010

The Challenge Begins!

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Hello Everyone!

Let me tell you a bit about myself before I get all of this started. My name is Carleigh Obrochta. I’m a 17 (18 on May 2) year old girl who has recently gotten intersted in Tolkien. The first time I had encountered Tolkien was when the movies came out back when I was in fourth grade or so. While I liked the movies, they weren’t the kind that made me go back and watch them constantly. I’d watch them if someone wanted to, but I didn’t really seek them out to rent or anything.

In 6th grade, we read a chapter of the Hobbit in reading and then watched the cartoon. At the time, I hated both reading it and the film. While the cartoon still isn’t exactly my favorite thing, I have indeed grown to love the hobbit and can’t wait to see the two-part movie coming out in 2011!!

Where I really came to love Tolkien, was last year. It was my Junior year of high school and one of the classes offered was a Tolkien class where they centered in on the religious aspects of the LOTR books. I wanted to get into the class, but unfortunately I registered too late and got stuck with Peace and Justice  (Isn’t an all girl’s Catholic High School fun?).  My friends who were taking it would tell me all sorts of things they were doing and it really piqued my interest. Also, my friend Laura had gotten back into a LOTR mood and had rewatched all the movies with me. I think since I was older, the story was more entertaining and meaningful to me. Now, I’ve made a few goals based around the oTlkien world, and I’m making myself a challenge out of them!

The Tolkien Clallenge I guess really started last summer, but I didn’t update anything online until now. I started by giving myself the goal that I would read The Hobbit and all of the LOTR  books by the time I start college. So far, I have completed the Hobbit (loved it!) and  read the first book in the Fellowship of the Rings. From here on out, I’m going to keep track of my progress so that I can maybe motivate myself to finish the other books by the end of this summer! I’ll post how many chapters/pages I read that day and how many I have to go in that particular book. Then I’ll say how many books I have left.  After that, I’ll write my favorite quote from what I’ve read that day, and why I liked it. Then you can hear everything else I thought about what I read and whatnot. :]

My second goal: Learn elvish. This is where you, the reader of te blog (if I ever get any) come in! I want you elvish speakers to help me out if you can. I’ll post in the second part of my daily post what I’m learning and how I’m doing. Then if any fluent elvish speakers or semi-fluent elvish speakers want to comment and quiz me, please be my guest! I’m a visual and tactile learner, so people quizzing me should help. My goal by the end of this summer, is to be able to form sentences in elvish.

I hope I haven’t bored you all with my long intro here, but for those of you reading, thanks for looking and please feel free to comment! I love meeting people and talking to people, so stop by and say hello every once in a while! My next post will be the official start of The Tolkien Challenge!! Wish me luck!


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