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March 26, 2010

Tolkien Reading Day!

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Sorry guys no update… ūüė¶ I’m still in midst of the play, and it’s slowly but surely consuming my life. Luckily, there are only 3 more shows, so Sunday or Monday, you’ll be gettin an update! Promise!

So today was Tolkien Reading Day according to, and they said the theme this year was the Sea, but I only had my Two Towers book, so I read about 2 pages of that between scenes. ūüôā

So I hope you all read something! Talk to you all Sunday and/or Monday!



March 20, 2010

The Two Towers: Part Three

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Hey all! I got reading done! And lucky for me, I get to go out of town Saturday and Sunday so I’ll get a lot of reading done! ūüôā Here’s my reading from the past few days:

Pages Read: 46-60

Pages Left: 338

Capter Read: The rest of ‘The Uruj-Hai’

Books Read: The Hobbit

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Favorite quote: No listener would have guessed from their words that they had suffered cruelly, and had been in dire peril, going without hope to torment and death; or that even not, as they knew well, they had little chance of ever finding friend or safety again.

Why I liked it: This is why I love Hobbits. ūüôā

Elvish: Sorry guys, again, until after this next week, I’m not going to move very far in this. But, to make up for it, here’s a link to Hobbit Tea:¬†They sell three kinds of teas that are based¬†on The Hobbit. There’s Bilbo Baggins’ Breakfast Blend (I love this one!!), Gandalf¬†the Grey Tea (also very good), and Hobbiton¬†Meadow Mint Tea (haven’t tried this yet, but it should be¬†good!). I bought all three, and while it may be a bit expensive for tea, it’s very good and makes geeks like me very excited. ūüôā

Til Next time!’


March 18, 2010

The Two Towers: Part Two

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Well, as promised, it’s been a day and I’ve read a little bit. ūüôā Not as much as I would’ve liked, but I’ve been busy doing lights for a play at my school and rehearsals have been going¬†from right after school until 7:00-8:00 at night. And by then I”m tired and crabby and I don’t want to read or do anything. So I only read half a chapter. But I did find a Two Towers book that stands by itself so I don’t have to lug around my whole trilogy! So the pages will be different then part one. Just ignore that. Anyway, let’s get started!

Pages read: 33-46

Pages left: 352

Chapter read: The last half of ‘Riders of Rohan’ the first part of ‘The Uruk-hai’

Books Left: The Hobbit

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Favorite Quote: It may have been that the dancing shadows tricked their eyes, but certainly to each of the companions the boughs appeared to be bending this way and that so as to come above the flames, while the other branches were stooping down; the brown leaves now stood out stiff, and rubbed together like many cold cracked hands taking comfort in the warmth.

Why I liked it: It was a very pretty and vivid description. I always loved how Tolkien added a new life to the trees, and gave them almost a personality of their own. It’s a very cool concept.


… I reviewed?

Ok, truthfully, this is just a really bad time for me to be doing anything outside of homework and the play, but I’ll study this weekend and I’ll be sure to post more Elvish ASAP.

March 16, 2010

Sorry Guys…

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I’m trying to keep up with my elvish and reading, but things are once again becoming hectic in my life. I’mgoing to try to at least update every other day, and if I can’t you’ll get a short post like this with something fun and LOTR related to watch/do.

Instead of a video, I am instead giving you a link to CoE’s (CouncilofElrondcom for those who don’t know) game¬†page.¬†Specifically the crossword puzzle page ūüôā¬†¬†¬†I can dominate most of the easy ones… but I’m still not so great on the medium and hard ones. Hope you guys have fun with them and I’ll really try to update more! I promise!!


March 13, 2010

The Two Towers: Part 1

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This is so exciting! Part one of the Two Towers! My reading is from a few days ago… sorry for not posting… ^^’ My make-up gift to you, is indeed another video.¬†This one is funny as well! It’s from the behind the scenes of LOTR (Return of the King). They give Gandalf¬†a new wig for Aragorn’s coronation… you’ll just have to see!!

Pages Read: 413-439 (or 1- 26. The only book I have with Two Towers in it is my big book with all three books in it.)

Pages left: 303

Chapters Read: ‘The Departure of Boromir’ through half of ‘The Riders of Rohan’.

Books Read: The Hobbit

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Favorite Quote: I would cut off your head, beard and all,¬†Master Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground.” (Eomer)

Why I liked it: Another quote that makes me laugh. :]

Side Note: Eomer is amazing. He is another one of those characters who makes my day.


I learned about constant mutations today.¬†In CoE’s¬†words: “Consonant mutations (except lenition) are caused mostly by articles and prepositions. In most cases, the article or preposition causes the following word’s first consonant to mutate (although the article and/or preposition can mutate as well). ”

Here’s another chart for you!

The first mutation I learned was how to soften sounds to make the word flow better. For instance, “i mellon” becomes “i vellon” to make it easier to say.

There are a lot of lists that go with this lesson such as what words always have lenition (or softening) after them, some compound words, adjectives, and object of verbs, but that’s a lot to type up. I will recommend that you sign up for CoE¬†and go look at workbook lesson 5 for the full list. Or, if you really don’t want to do that, comment me and I’ll put it in the next post. :]

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more frequently now, so expect me to actually get to you tomorrow!



March 12, 2010

Movie vs. Book

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Sorry that took so long everyone! I’ve been really busy with school and didn’t have time to finish watching the movie until right now. I hope you all found something you liked on the feature!

So now: My thoughts on the book and movie.

I have to say, I like the movie more. And I also know that’s because that I’ve seen the movie dozens of times more then¬†the book, so I’ve of course gotten used to the movie and whatnot, just as I’m sure many people who read the book first don’t like the movie as much. Besides the fact the I’ve “grown up” on the movies, so to speak, there are a few other things in the movie I like more.

1. Aragorn. I like his character a lot more in the movie. In the book, he seems almost mean to me. In the movies, he seems a lot less arrogant. It also threw me off in the book that he actually¬†seemed to want to be king. That was definitely not in the movie. He also seems kinda over¬†dramatic in the books, but maybe that’s just me.

2. More of Arwen: I’ve always liked Arwen, and I’m kinda that she didn’t even have a line in the book. :[ I do still wish that Glorfindel¬†had saved Frodo… I liked him… but I still like Arwen.

3.Gandalf’s Death: I know I mentioned this in my post about ‘The Bridge of Khazad-Dum’ but I think the movie did a much better job portraying the sadness and realism of his death. In the books it was like it was no big ndeal.4

4.”Let’s go hunt some Orc.”: My favorite quote in the movie. Since the movie ends in a different place in the book, I know it wouldn’t be in there, but I”ve started the Two Towers, and I’m sad that the quote doesn’t exist at all in the book! :[

Now here are things I liked more in the books:

Glorfindel: As I said before, I wish Glorfindel was in the movies. He seems like a pretty awesome elf dude. ;]

Bree: I wish that there was a little bit more to the Bree scene in the movie. I love that scene in the book where Butterbur and Nob have more of a part! They rather amused me.

So there’s my take on it. What do you all think? Agree? Disagree? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Until tomorrow when my usual posting resumes!


March 10, 2010

Special Feature!

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Well everyone, book one in the trilogy is complete for me. So to celebrate, here are four of my favorite artists on who do AMAZING LOTR pictures. If you’re a DA member, go check it out and fav their work if you haven’t already! ;]

First up is DavidDeb


Next is markmchaley


Next is icarus126


Last but certainly not least, the seven types of LOTR fans as shown by shoomlah

¬†(that’s me!)

So which one are you?? ;]

Now for the fanfictions! I promise this will take up less room!

In Imladris: A story of the Fellowship in Rivendell. They had to meet sometime… (written by Evergreene)

Games People Play:¬† Legolas is rather puzzled by the behavior of hobbits. Aragorn does not help. It’s a long walk to Mordor… (also Evergreene)

A Night in Lothlorien: Aragorn and Legolas share their grief over Gandalf‚Äôs death in Lothl√≥rien. Lots of friendship, a bit angst and bittersweet mourning… 1st place 2006 MC Awards, Best LOTR Story. (by Silivren Tinu).

So I hope you all enjoyed my feature! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to go watch the movie yet, so I’ll probably watch half of it today and half tomorrow. I’ll be sure to give you my take on the book vs the movie! Two Towers, here I come!

March 9, 2010

The Fellowship of the Ring: Part 10 (Final Part)!

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So everyone, milestone one is officially here! The Fellowship of the Ring is over for me. Tonight I’m going to watch the movie (extended edition of course!) and have a mini celebration for myself. I’m going to be¬†posting the last stats page for FOTR now, and then later tonight, the feature will come, along with what I thought of the book compared to the movie. I bet you’re all pumped. :] Without further ado, Part¬† 10 of The Fellowship of the Ring!

Reading from 3/8/10

Pages Read: 444-458

Pages Left: 0!

Chapter Read: The Breaking of the Fellowship

Books Read: The Hobbit

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Favorite Quote: ‘Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing?’ (Boromir)

Why I like it: Isn’t this also the way of the world? People get so bent out of shape over things that, in the end, are not significant. I know that is not the case of the ring. The ring itself is quite significant. But people worry the same amount over money, possessions, or land as they do over the ring in LOTR. All of these things in the end don’t matter. Sure they’re nice, and they help, but they aren’t the important things in life.

Chapter side note:¬†I was kind of surprised when Boromir¬†was still alive in the end. XD As we all know, in the movies, he dies by the end of the first one. I couldn’t help but feel sad anyway knowing that the Fellowship was officially disbanded. I loved it when all of them were together… but oh well. The Two Towers is going to be great and I can’t wait to pick up where the Fellowship left off!

What I thought about the whole book: In general, I liked it. I’ll get more into what I thought when I compare the book to the movie in my next post, but I generally thought it was pretty decent. My only complaint (and I know people may hate me for saying this) is that I don’t really like¬†Tolkien’s writing style. Don’t get me wrong, the man was a genius and I love him to death, but like one of my friends said: ‘his style is almost like he’s writing for a children’s book. This style worked very well for The Hobbit, but not so much for the Trilogy. ‘

I agree with her. I know many people won’t, and that’s okay! We all have different opinions and no one is lesser to somebody else because we have those opinions… right?¬† Right.

Alright, I’m going to end this here. No Elvish for you guys today, but expect to see some tomorrow! ;]

Until Later!


The Fellowship of the Ring: Part Nine

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Side Note One: I’m almost done everyone!! So exciting! I’m very sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday… I got busy watching the Oscars and by the end I was really tired and just went to bed instead of posting. Since I like to try entertaining people, I’m posting a link to another video for you. This one goes along with the song ‘They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard’. I’m sure many of you have seen this already, but it’s always a fun video to watch again ;]

¬†But now, you get only one more FOTR¬†posts until I’m done and start The Two Towers. I’m very excited about my feature page. I’ve contacted four of my favorite LOTR artists and they’ve all said yes to me featuring their work here! I think everyone’ll¬†enjoy¬†it. I also have a few of my favorite fanfics based on the Fellowship. :]

Also, if anyone sees this by 8:30 central time, Big Bang Theory is having an episode based on LOTR! I can’t wait!

Anyways: The reading was from 3/6/10,  3/7/10, and 3/8/10.

Pages Read: 412-443

Pages Left: 14!

Chapters Read: Beginning of ‘Farewell to Lorien’ to the end of ‘The Great River’

Books Read: The Hobbit

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Favorite Quote:¬†‘…For such is the way of it: to find and lose, as it seems to those whose boat is on the running stream…’ (Legolas)

Why I liked it: I think this statement is very meaningful and holds a lot of truth. To summarize it: On the river of life, we find things we love and we lose them. That’s life. I know it’s not the happiest if it ends there, but we all know that hope never fails and all that good stuff. :]

Side Note 2: I want to go to Lothlorien!! Too bad it doesn’t really exist… :[


Review. Sorry to disappoint you all, but like I said earlier, I was told not to take these lessons too fast.

March 7, 2010

The Fellowship of the Ring: Part Eight

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As promised, you get two posts today!! So the reading for this post is from today.

Pages Read: 388-412

Pages left: 46

Chapters Read: Second part of ‘Lothlorien’ through the end of ‘The Mirror of Galadriel’

Books Read: The Hobbit

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Favorite Quote: The finest rockets ever seen:

they burst in stars of blue and green,

or after thunder golden showers

came falling like a rain of flowers.

Why I liked it: This scene in the movie and in the book made me want to cry a little bit. :'[ I thought it was so sweet for Sam to try writing his own song for Gandalf.

Side note: I’m getting really close to the end here!! I know as soon as I’m done with book one I’m going to watch the first movie to celebrate. I’ll also feature some stuff I like involving LOTR. I know some amazing artists on¬†who make LOTR pictures that are to die for. I’ll probably post a list of them and a list of some Fellowship of the Ring related fanfictions I really enjoy. It’ll be a celebration for all! ;]


I learned about Articles and genitive relationships.

The definite¬†articles in Sindarian¬†are ‘i’ and ‘in’. I is used¬†in the singular form and ‘in’ is used in the plural.

CoE’s¬†definition of a genitive relationship is: ‘an instance between two words that signifies possession or association’

I learned that with Proper Nouns (names, places, etc.) word order usually shows possession/association. Their example is: aran Moria (Lord of Moria)

For definite¬†common nouns, when the noun is singular, ‘en’ is used (ex:¬†¬†‘haudh-en-elleth’ is mound of the elf-maid)

When it is plural, ‘in’ is used: (ex: ‘Narn in edain’ is tale of the men.)

For indefinite common nouns, simply put the words next to each other (ex: ‘coth mellon’ is the enemy of a friend)

Here’s a last quote from CoE:


When does one use a genitival relationship?
Why could a writer not just use the Sindarin word … o ‚Äúof, from‚ÄĚ and get the same effect?

Even though you can translate “o” as “of”, it really means “from” as a location¬†word. The key to a genitival relationship is that you are showing possession or relationship. You could just as easily rephrase ‚ÄúLord of Moria‚ÄĚ to be ‚ÄúMoria‚Äôs Lord‚ÄĚ. If you were to say “Aran o Moria”, it would mean ‚Äúa lord from Moria‚ÄĚ (referring to Moria as a location).

I hope this is helpful to those learning along with me! Until tomorrow!


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